About Us

KeyKollectiv is an artisan duo based out of Los Angeles. Established in February of 2015, the kollectiv is comprised of Kudos and Koala-T.

Raised in NYC, Kudos has a background of nearly 20 years doing graffiti art. As the resident craftsman, he handles the day-to-day operations and is responsible for research & development at KeyKollectiv labs.

Koala-T is a purveyor of all things cute and an avid lover of modern minimalist design. Her taste and inspiration breathe life into KeyKollectiv’s aesthetic vision and is the driving force behind their blog and social media presence.

Together, Kudos and Koala-T create an odd juxtaposition that strikes a balance between cute and minimal while drawing inspiration from the world around them.

                                                          Kudos and Koala-T

                                                          Kudos and Koala-T