Beyond the Threshold


New Year’s Day, 2016. Koala-T and I sat in our lab sorting orders and printing out invoices/shipping labels. In one hand, I held a newly casted Calico MeowCap V2 and in the other, a V1.  There’s no doubt that these two keycaps were very similar but I knew the vast differences. The fingers and base were tapered to give it a more “round, organic” feel. This streamlining allowed for better clearance. The finish had a nice gloss and polish to it. Colors were consistent and bright. In many ways, V2 was a culmination of what KeyKollectiv learned throughout the year. How strange it was that we would be bringing in the new year by revisiting the first design that put us on the map.  

The coming of a new year tends to stir contemplation and reflection. For KeyKollectiv, we couldn’t help but to think of how we got here. Nine months ago, a relatively unknown community member by the name of kudos_and_godspeed posted up his humble attempts at resin casting keycaps. Back then, a keycap free of voids/bubbles was a victory. The encouragement of his peers gave him the drive to continue. As time passed, he would be joined by Koala-T and release MeowCaps. What began as a desire to customize their boards became a keycap that was sought after by the community.

And here we are, on the threshold of a new year. Our sketchbooks filled to the brim with concepts. Ambitious ideas that we yearn to bring to life. And though the countless, grueling hours compel us to rest on our laurels for a little while, we realize that our accomplishments exist only because you do. That’s right. You.

The few community members who encouraged me to keep trying after posting photos of my first attempts. The compassion and support that people poured on us when we announced that we couldn’t fulfill MeowCaps V1. To those who didn’t think twice to send us donor keycaps. Those who offered their help in our darkest hours. The many friends we’ve made along the way. Thank you. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for acknowledging that we are people and not some faceless company. Thank you for the photos of keyboards adorn with KeyKollectiv caps. Thank you for your enthusiasm and allowing us to make your day. Thank you for being part of this Kollectiv — for being an integral part of KeyKollectiv. Here’s to you.

In our infancy, we look to our horizon and look forward to a new year. We look forward to meeting new friends and celebrating the bonds we’ve kept. And most importantly, we look forward to sharing this passion with you. Happy New Years!


-Kudos and Koala-T


Watch a quick time-lapse of me drawing the logo image Here