Creative Detour

Sculpting on a canvas the size of a keycap restricts your capacity to explore creativity and concepts. Being confined to such small dimensions, great ideas can turn out to be completely impractical once you complete the process. Regardless of how skilled of a sculptor you may be, you’ll still find that there is great deal of adjustments and compromises that need to be made in order to properly execute a concept.

Up until this point, the focus has been on honing my resin casting techniques. Any drawing I did was conceptual sketching for keycaps. Visual arts have always been an integral part of my life so, naturally, I felt an emptiness when I set it aside for resin casting. I missed the freedom of drawing– of having no boundaries.

Making molds for production allowed me to shift focus on myself. Cure times for the silicone I use range from 4-6 hours. This gave me ample time to get some sketches in. It is a common misconception that if you weren’t born with the talent to draw, that you simply “suck at art”. I would argue that, although talent will help you stand apart from others, most people are capable of creating “good art”. Like the muscles in our bodies, the brain can also be exercised and conditioned. The key to cultivating any skill/craft/trade is consistent practice.

Avatar for mobbo

I was out of practice. It felt as though I exerted too much of my time/energy on making artisans. For practice, I decided to draw a few avatars for members of the GeekHack community. To be honest, as rusty as I felt, it felt gratifying to come back. I swore to myself that, moving forward, I would devote more time to this passion of mine…