Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

The Dolches were the first to go. Bagged up and bubble wrapped. “At least they were going to a good home”. Then I came for the Ducky Shine. It was a trooper back in my gaming days. When desperate times call for desperate measures, one must resort to such things. Such is the price we pay when desires run deeper than our pockets. “Eye on the prize”, I told myself, as I shipped off the KUL. But the light at the end of this tunnel grew brighter and soon I held that HHKB Type-S in my arms.


My god. My god, they were right. If Topre was sex, then I was using a condom up until now. The line between man and machine blurred in that moment. The HHKB became an extension of my fingers. The synapses in my brain no longer fired to the nerves and muscles in my fingers. Now they fired directly to the cloud of boobs under those PBT keys. Endgame. Grail. Whatever terms each community had for that elusive item, I found it.


I scoffed at the stock USB cord. Type-S deserves a paracord USB. $30 for four colored keycaps and a keypuller? Only the best for Type-S. I remember the night that I stepped out for a cigarette and realized I had brought the keyboard along with me so I could keep pressing. Of course, I would be bringing it to work with me the next day.


My co-workers stood around my desk as I beckoned them to try it. “Oooh, that feels nice. How much does it cost? I might want to get one”. $320. They nodded in disapproval. Even the pen enthusiast, who dropped several hundreds of dollars on fountain pens a month, shook his head. I turned back to my computer and typed joyfully on my HHKB. “It’s a small price for my dream keyboard”, I thought to myself.


Why did I just push the caps lock button? “““““`”, I mean “Backspace”. That first day was a nightmare. The proposal I was supposed to write for our Chinese manufacturers took longer than expected. I stammered and stumbled at each sentence. Then came the spreadsheets and reports. At that moment, I would’ve killed for a nav cluster. It’s okay. This will feel intuitive at some point. This layout was designed for maximum efficiency. It will take time.


I’m sure you know what happens next. And I’ll spare you the tedious details. If the Type-S was my first hit, I’d be spending the next three months chasing that dragon.

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