Drawing A Blank

I remember seeing Hipster’s blanks and reading that he considered moving away from just doing sculpted artisans. Clean maker’s mark and color marbling. They were a thing to behold. They were blanks but had so much personality.

I wanted the opposite. I wanted to make the move from blanks to sculpted. With Meowcaps far behind us, I missed the old days of prototyping. Carving and sculpting. Measuring and testing. The blank provided a blank canvas to work on but I felt the true embodiment of an artisan was a finely sculpted keycap.

However, the community was very vocal about their preference for more blanks. PM’s poured in encouraging us to put out more of them. Not one to disappoint, I dusted off whatever viable 1u molds I still had from the Modifier sale and set out to make a blank that stood out in the, already blanks-saturated, community. A much harder task than I had anticipated.

Up until this point, KeyKollectiv hadn’t given the MX users the proper respect it deserved. Meowcaps was exclusively MX and every subsequent release was Topre. We felt that our next release would absolutely have to be made available for both crowds (Sorry Alps/BS users). Unlike Topre, MX users had many profiles to choose from. Trends ebb and flow for MX. The community would talk about the aesthetic beauty of sculpted SA sphericals or efficiency of uniform DSA’s, but one concept has held true throughout these trends. Cherry profile was timeless. With that in mind, I selected a R1 keycap by GMK as the template I would use.

With fresh molds made, Koala-T and I began brainstorming ideas on how we would make a blank that stood out from the crowd. Keycaps of various layers and colors have been circulating in the artisan community for quite some time. As it turns out, having a blank canvas to work off of left our minds blank. This dilemma would be one that would haunt me for the following week.