Key-Walas; That's a Wrap!

Well, it’s that time again. All round 3 and after-sale orders were shipped out this morning. The lab has been swept and cleaned; no more bottles of premixed jelly colors and molds and sprues and shipping clutter strewn about. To be honest, it feels a little empty. By the time we wrapped up this last round, I could barely fit through our apartment door with all the packages. On the bright side, it feels extra clean without all these boxes everywhere.

Enjoy Your Feeling:

It’s always a little bittersweet wrapping up a sale. Kudos says he never wants to see a key-wala again, but I’m a little sentimental about this one. They’re just so cute and I hope they make everyone else as happy when they look at them as they do for me.

As much as I can appreciate the beauty in a stock HHKB or Leopold 660C, there is something about the personality of artisan caps–like Booper’s monkey or cosmonaut, or even Binge’s slo-fi–that I find endearing to no end. But then again, I’m all about the little things. Life is boring and mundane most of the time, so you might as well cherish it for what it is. And if I’m not mistaken, I think that’s what draws a lot of us into this somewhat unusual niche in the first place; it’s about finding enjoyment moment to moment–right down to touch of your fingertips when it hits just the right switch. Every little detail is a reminder to be present and grateful.

shout out to /u/lastafay for the photo on the left; thank you!

In other, non-sale related news, I have managed to watch a few episodes of Adventure Time over takeout (usually while simultaneously processing caps if at all possible), attend a family gathering, and catch up on a little bit of sleep (totally kidding about that last part, I’m a zombie right now), but Kudos on the other hand has SOMEHOW already been working away on another project, one I am personally really excited about, I might add. Unfortunately I’ve been ordered to bite my tongue on this one, so hopefully he’ll be updating himself on that shortly. (not to mention his birthday is in 8 days!!!)

Lots more to come from us in the coming days. Stay tuned! <3