KeyKollectiv: What's In A Name?

KeyKollectiv. Collective. That would denote a group or at least more than one person. Up until now, the story has been narrated by yours truly, Kudos. So why the name?

She watched as I swore to the high heavens as I tried to tighten valves to my pressure pot. She listened to my lament as I tried to troubleshoot a minor leak in my setup. And every microscopic bubble I scrutinized, she encouraged me to try again.

They say that behind every great man, is a great woman. If ever there was a testament to this statement, it was her. Just as I highlighted the artisans that inspired or paved the way for me, it is just as essential that I recognize the influence that Koala-T has had on me.


Here Comes a New Challenger!

“Look at this one”, I said as I showed her the Vortex PBT doubleshots in pink. She gushed. “Why aren’t there more cute stuff for girls?” she replied. I told her to look at the demographic. It’s mostly male. Skulls and robots. I wasn’t telling her anything she didn’t already know. “I’d like to change that”.

The next day, I sat at my workbench carving out a prototype I’d been working on. She pulled a chair next to me. Her comment from the night before resonated with me. I handed her some sculpting clay and a few tools. “Here”, I said as I placed a keycap in her hand. “Sculpt around the top and make sure there’s clearance on the sides”.

Without a word, she began working. I continued to carve my prototype. A while later, she asked “what now?”. In her hand, a little cat’s paw carved from clay. A few months before this, we had rescued a kitten who had been abandoned. Now, that kitten was a fat cat named Ponyo who loved to knock over keycaps. It was Ponyo’s fat paw. Her stupid loveable paw. “It’s adorable”, I said.  “Let’s mold it”.

From that point on, we were KeyKollectiv. Kudos and Koala-T.


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