Meowcaps: A Tale of Trials and Tribulations Part 2

Meowcaps: A tale of Trials and Tribulations Part 2

Posted on October 5, 2015by keycollectiv


The EK Realforce sold for way less than I would’ve preferred. The Leopold 660C in white. The one I longed for and finally got my hands on. That one sold too. I couldn’t keep going on this way. The pain was now a fixture in my life. It kept my slumber shallow. Every meal provoked it to lash out on me. Suddenly I understood how people got hooked on pain medication.


Koala was buried in schoolwork. I scraped what little cash I had to buy silicone and resin. During that time, I was even afraid to show my face in the community. We vanished from the mech world but the mech world followed me wherever I went. This wasn’t fun anymore.


The buy took its toll on me. Restless nights and unsurmountable orders left me a shadow of my former self. Koala and I had our share of “heated debates” on whether we should push on. What began as a passionate desire to learn a craft turned into a grueling chore that I begrudgingly performed.


But with each failure, an insight followed. We remade the molds and I began to understand the intricacies of resin casting. Changes to my routine were documented and executed. We still experienced our share of failed production runs but the difference–now–was that I finally knew why.


With our heads bowed low, we returned to the community. “Meowcaps are back in production” we told them. We expected pitchforks and torches but were surprised to be met with concern and a warm welcome. The outpouring was overwhelming and I have to admit, I was touched. I’d like to think the reception wasn’t completely derived from a desire to get caps but, rather, a sincere concern for others in the community.


We soldiered on, through the end of production and shipping. In the end, Koala and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and relief. We diligently watched for the photos to be posted online. Every one of them brought us a sense of pride that could only come from overcoming hardship. Every little paw, a testament to our blood, sweat and tears. And to this day, when we see them pass from one user to another, it felt like watching a kitten we fostered, find a good home.