Putting the Collective in KeyKollectiv: Who the F*A^ is Koala-T?!

Where do I begin? For those who don’t know, KeyKollectiv is two people: “Kudos” and “Koala-T”. Hence, the ‘collective’ in our name. Furthermore, we are also a couple. Less than a year ago, we embarked together on the journey of making “artisan” keycaps. For me, it was just a way of making something cute for my keyboard. As an English student, my keyboard was already more than just a writing tool, it was a huge part of my daily life; and after going mechanical, it became what I can only describe as: an experience. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true; and I’ve been hooked ever since. Customizing my own board was only natural. It was what followed that took me by surprise.

Speaking of experiences, the process of learning to cast has been a surprisingly challenging one. Part of the reason I’m writing this is to share some of what I’ve learned along the way. Up until now, I’ve been the silent partner in KeyKollectiv, which brings me to my second reason for this post.

In light of our upcoming releases (stay tuned for more on that in the next week or so!), before KeyKollectiv moves on, I wanted to take a moment to talk about Furt from my perspective.

Kudos and his Creature:

In hindsight, Furt was his Frankenstein’s monster. Seriously. I was there the nights he was obsessively toiling away in his lab at all hours of the night; when his desire to create had begun to border on madness. Admittedly, I didn’t quite understand his enthusiasm at the time, but seeing Furt come to life triggered an epiphany for me. That desire to create is, at times, a self-indulgent one. I know now because I finally understand it, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Frankly speaking, the original Meowcaps put us so far in deficit I’m ashamed to even talk about it. Yes, we managed to pull ourselves out of it by the skin of our teeth, but now, after several borderline disastrous releases (ask Kudos and making modifiers; I dare you) we were chomping at the bit to get back into the craft (and likely—into debt). Kudos will wax poetic on his reasons for making Furt, but I knew just as well as he did, it was—in a way—a visceral attempt at self-preservation. Those of you who dabble in resin casting, or any other hobby where a level of technical skilled combined with a fortuitous wave of creativity is required, you know what I mean. Sometimes you get lucky and the maiden of inspiration comes, but it doesn’t end there. You have to be able to bring it to life. Sometimes she comes and performs a masterful tease before disappearing behind the velvet curtain—leaving you frustrated and blue-balled. You have an idea, but you don’t have the skill to bring it into actualization. Muses can be cruel in that way.

But this, guys—this is why we do it. It may be on such a small-scale, and maybe I sound like an asshole for being so sentimental (consider this a warning, I do this a lot), but that magical moment where something comes out exactly how you wanted it? Yeah, it’s pretty gratifying. Humble it may be, it’s also surprisingly addicting. Maybe that clarifies some things, or maybe it raises more questions. I don’t know. I suppose it’s just as much of a mystery to us as it is to you guys. One thing is for certain, though—KeyKollectiv doesn’t like to play it safe. With every collection release, we try to utilize new methods and push new boundaries. Furt was certainly no exception; he was only the beginning.