SnacKeys Part 1: Seedless

When we initially released the promo photos for KeyKollectiv Mods, we received the most inquiries about the pink Realforce caps with Bianchi Green modifiers. I referred to this board as “the watermelon”. To this day, this Type-S is still in my daily rotation. GL1tch3d saw these photos and managed to secure himself a set of Pink Realforce keycaps as well. Having ordered a Bianchi Green HHKB set, he was able to duplicate the same effect.

“Watermelon. Watermelon.” Every few days, I received a PM with those simple words. I was confused about what he meant. He already had the alphas and modifiers. As far as I was concerned, his watermelon was complete. It dawned on me what he meant when he sent me a photo of a sliced watermelon. He wanted to complete the half-ellipse. He wanted a Bianchi Green spacebar.

It’s not that spacebars are particularly hard to make. I was just so burned out with anything longer than 1U. Also, the thought of making another mold made me shudder. I have to admit, GL1tch3d was more persistent than I had anticipated. “I’ll do you one better. I’ll make you a watermelon keycap”. How hard could it be? Translucent pink over Bianchi Green. Cake.

The first few looked pretty good. With the guidance of Binge, we refined our multi-shot process and started feeling more and more comfortable with layering. The first set of watermelons came out as we expected. The complimentary colors meshed well together and our peers all encouraged us to make more to sell. But I had that old familiar nagging feeling. Something was missing.

The process of molding/casting is essentially a 3D puzzle. To produce consistent and viable casts, one must consider factors such as gravity, air channels and shapes/scale. You visualize and hypothesize. And every experiment and method you conjure is scrutinized. You find potential issues and you test. Every failed experiment becomes time and money you’ve lost. This. This process was present throughout the majority of my waking life. My commute home was not an exception. It was at a traffic light when I thought of the solution. Seeds. Seeds are what they need.

Up until then, we had never experimented with encapsulation. Nubbinator had gears inside his heart key and Krytone had brains. How hard could it be? You put the seeds into the liquid resin. Molds go into the pressure pot. Just set it and forget it. Kudos. Koala-T. Do you guys ever learn? When has this journey ever been easy?