The Artisinal Life

Earlier this year, was in it’s infancy. Back then, intelli78 was running the operation. At the time, I reached out to him to see how I could provide my services to contribute to the site. The best laid plans. Koala-T and I got caught up with our sales and we, unfortunately, never got to follow up with Keychatter.

I felt bad for not seeing it through. I was elated to hear that LSB was taking the helm as intelli78 went on to pursue other endeavors. As intelli78 is a respected and knowledgeable member of the mech community, LivingSpeedBump has a genuine enthusiasm that is contagious. As some of you may already know, LSB was a former moderator of /r/MK who was well regarded for his generosity and willingness to help. I consider people like him as pillars of the mech community.

When he asked if we would be willing to do an interview, I reluctantly accepted. I had my apprehensions as I didn’t feel that KeyKollectiv had achieved the status of some of our more established and talented peers but Koala-T and I decided to take the plunge anyways.

This is a long time overdue but you can read the interview in it’s entirety here:

KeyChatter’s Interview with KeyKollectiv