"Send More Paramedics..."

Hey guys! Hard to believe it's already been a week since our last post, but here we are at the end of February. It's been a hectic month so far (to say the least!) with Valentine's Day, Kudos' birthday--and, as you all know--our impending release, but luckily we have lots to show for it, including two new additions to our little fur family: Furt & (Moogle) Mog.

Letting the cat out of the bag

Among the plethora of hints Kudos' has been dropping for you guys, some of you are probably wondering--what now? When are they going to finally make an official announcement? Well, I wanted to take a second to explain to you guys WHY this has taken as long as it has, since he is--understandably--way too swamped to update this thing right now.

Technical Difficulties

Frankly speaking, there have been some "hiccups" along the way. If you've been following our posts, or are familiar with casting at all, you know resin is a fickle beast. So much of what we are doing is essentially reverse-engineering--playing with and controlling different variables and attempting to quantify or duplicate the result. However, due to the nature of the beast, there are times when a problem arises and the solution is nowhere near immediately apparent. And until it becomes so, it's pretty much an educated guessing game. A particularly stressful one at that, because it brings progress to a screeching halt.

As you can imagine, this can get pretty frustrating at times, even downright scary (if you function on a tight schedule like the one Kudos sets out for himself). One small hiccup can set him back DAYS on production. The current release we're working on is a five-part mold (3 part process), which can only be accomplished over the span of about 24 hours. If anything comes up, we're instantly behind a full day, usually more, since we are currently working around Kudos' extremely unforgiving work schedule (you know, his other full-time job). Free time is a precious resource around here, and keeping a tight schedule is imperative to our success. (and sanity, as the events of this last weekend reminded me, because one of us may or may not have had an emotional breakdown)

Weekends, birthdays, holidays--they all take a backseat when it comes to our end goal: creating something that hasn't been done before. And I promise, this coming release will be well worth the wait (and the hype!). But I also wanted to mention that it wasn't without a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears that we were able to bring it to you. This, for me, is a very special release, and I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as we do. It truly came at a high price.

Also, to everyone who wished Kudos a happy birthday or sent him a gift--you guys are the best! It really made his day. Still,  I could only get him away from casting long enough to get dim sum and open his presents! (it took him 3 days just to touch his Sweet Lady Jane cake -_-)

As usual, lots more to come! Thanks for all the support from everyone in this wonderful community. KK loves you<3