Oneness With Cup Rubber

“I want to try Topre”, I wrote. “But the restrictive price and the inability to try them before I buy seemed daunting”. Many agreed on the subreddit as we bemoaned the price point together. “What if I hate it?” One redditor chimed in: “You should try the Novatouch. It’s not as expensive and you can swap in your Cherry MX keycaps”. That idea lodged itself in my mind for the next week. Exclusive Hybrid Capacitive Domes? Cherry compatible sliders? What is this sorcery?

Living in the SoCal area, I realized that there was a way for me to try Topre. The Elitekeyboards showroom was a mere 40 minute drive from my house. I looked up their hours on the website. Monday to Friday 1pm-5pm… Working at an office, that option was not available to me but I was determined to, one day, make my way down there. In the meantime, I had plenty of research to do.

Geekhack and Deskthority provided me with some well written reviews on the Novatouch. Although the overall consensus was positive, the margin between pros and cons were indeed noticeable. Regardless, I had made up my mind. I wanted a Novatouch. Within a week, after scouring mechmarket, I was driving home with one. I had found a local seller and took an extended lunch to meet with him. I remember that drive home vividly. The box sat open in the passenger seat. Like a teenage boy slipping his hands into a girl’s panties, I felt that buttery sensation on my fingers as I drove home that day.

I got home and took my newfound lover into the office. Anticipating her arrival, I had stripped my KUL clears of it’s Granite keycaps the night before. An intimate photo-shoot ensued with the obligatory forum posts. It was perfect. Well almost…

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