The First Hit

I’ve always had a fascination with the tactile and the analog. Three years ago, I fell in love with my first mechanical keyboard as I was putting the finishing touches on my newly built PC. Back then, the objective was simple. How can I improve my performance in these games? That search led me down a rabbit hole of sorts. After realizing how huge the community was in /r/MK, Geekhack and Deskthority, I realized that I had barely scratched the surface in the world of mechanical keyboards.

So I made my decision. I wanted something clicky and I wanted LEDs. I tried a Razer Blackwidow at a local best buy as that was my only entry point into mechs. I wasn’t just satisfied with dropping the money without some extensive reading. As with many other endeavors, I always tried to do as much research as I possibly could before I dive into a hobby. At the time, FIlco and Leopold were king but they were hard to come by. I committed myself to purchasing a board with Cherry MX blue switches and luckily, Ducky keyboards flowed aplenty.

Fast forward a year. After acquiring my Ducky, then came the Leopolds, FIlco MJ2s, Pokers. The clickiness of the blues didn’t suit the office environment so I bought a few brown boards. The tactility of brown wasn’t as satisfying as my old blues but I got used to them. But wait, what about clears? Ergo clears? Greens? I ran the gamut. Each time, passing down my old keyboard to my girlfriend. She happily accepted each board and focused on acquiring the prettiest keysets she can furnish them with.

With each board, I felt an immediate rush as I waited for the UPS deliveryman to come to my door. I’d rip that box apart. Put on my favorite keycaps and snapped some pictures. Posted them to forums and typed on them feverishly until the novelty of the switches wore off. Because no matter how satisfied I was with my brand new Filco or those Dolch keycaps, someone was always posting another keyboard I lusted over. It’s a vicious cycle, this addiction. Like any other substance abuse, we were all seeking that moment when we felt the springs in the Model M for the first time. The satisfying click as your spammed your abilities in that game. Or the speed and ease you glided on your new browns that you brought to work. Constantly chasing that dragon.