But work was ramping up. My new promotion at work meant that my time was being spread out more thinly. I decided to go back to school to pursue design as I originally intended. I had less and less time to be gaming. That Ducky Shine with the lovely Dolch Replica DSAs sat in a dark room, collecting dust. I no longer checked feverishly on the 7-bit R5 group buy. Missed group buys seemed like bittersweet missed opportunities and no longer tragedies.

One day, during a lull in work and school. I decided to check /r/MK for the sake of nostalgia. Someone had posted a picture of their newly acquired Skull Squadron set. The set I lusted for. How? How was this guy able to get this set long after the group buy had expired? Was someone stealing Matt30’s work? No. It was Massdrop. A remake of a classic. And guess what? I missed it. In that moment, it all came back. Those bittersweet missed opportunities felt like tragedies this time around. I scoured the classified and mechmarket to no avail. I suppose its what I get for falling off. Then came Granite.

DSA and PBT? Check. A matt30 classic once again resurrected by Massdrop. I wasn’t going to miss it this time around. So I committed. I bought a KUL with clears. And I waited. Galaxy set group buy; sure. PuLSE SA; let’s do this. R5. Well… still waiting on those. And then they came. Granites in my mailbox. They were promptly placed on my keyboard and a photo-shoot commenced. It was perfect. Well… almost.

I was growing tired of the blues. Linears seemed boring. The greens felt great but a little stiff. Browns felt a little “grainy”. Clears, well I liked clears but I wanted to feel that tactile bump more. Ergos…. so close. What was I missing? I posted about this persistent feeling of emptiness I felt with keyboards. Like a jigsaw piece I lost to an almost finished puzzle.

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