KeyKollectiv General Sale FAQ and Commonly Asked Questions

Format and Terms

What format does KeyKollectiv run their sales?

Generally speaking, we use a raffle system to conduct our sales.

How does the raffle system work?

To participate in a KeyKollectiv sale, you must first fill out our entry form. Typically a link to a Google form is provided in our Current Sale FAQ. From here, you will select your preferences along with the quantity you desire.

Each entrant is limited to one (1) entry only. We will only bill/invoice you if you win a position in our sale. Due to the volume of entries we typically receive, we can only verify your spot by sending a Paypal invoice.

Each entrant is assigned a number in our master spreadsheet. From there, winners will be determined by a random number generator.

I haven’t received an invoice after the sale, is it safe to assume I did not win a spot in the sale?

We ask that all participants carefully check their entries for errors before submitting their raffle form. Because of the volume of entries we typically receive, we are unable to notify those who did not win. As such, the only confirmation you will receive is a Paypal invoice.

I accidentally entered more than once/ made errors in my entry. What do I do now?

No worries. It’s common to incorrectly input entries on mobile or out of sheer excitement. Just email us at and we will make any adjustments necessary.

My family/friend/significant other would like to enter the sale as well. Will that count as a duplicate entry?

In order to maintain an even playing field for all entrants, we will only accept entries with different Paypal email addresses. In short, your family/friends may join so long as they use a separate Paypal.

I won a spot in the sale but the shipping address associated to my Paypal email address is incorrect/not up-to-date. What do I do?

We ask that everyone check their Paypal information carefully before submitting their entries. Sometimes, things slip through the cracks and adjustments need to be made to the shipping address. Just email us at and we will do our best to accommodate. Please note that, once orders are shipped, there is very little we can do until USPS returns the package. By requesting a change of address, we cannot assume responsibilities for any unexpected delays/mishaps. Furthermore, KeyKollectiv reserves the right to cancel/refund any order at our discretion.

How long do I have to pay my invoice?

Generally, we ask that all winners pay within 48 hours of receiving their invoices. This allows us to properly gauge our shipping windows and accommodate those who are still waiting for a spot. In the event that extenuating circumstances prevents you from paying in a timely manner, please let us know and we will try to arrange something.



How does KeyKollectiv handle distribution of caps?

Contrary to popular belief, the quantity of caps produced has very little bearing on how we distribute them. Generally speaking, we follow some basic guidelines when we begin the invoicing process:

  1. First, we determine a time-frame that we feel is reasonable for completing a sale. Usually, order fulfillment takes 5-10 business days from invoice to shipment.

  2. Based on the time window we set, we calculate the approximate amount of orders that we can fulfill realistically.

  3. From there, we factor in the amount of keycaps we produce to determine the average amount of keycaps someone can win. We also allocate resources into packaging/shipping based on the amount of orders we determine.

How does KeyKollectiv’s method of distribution affect my chances of winning?

Many times, we are approached by our supporters asking how someone could receive 3 caps and they received none. We certainly understand how frustrating that may be.

Hypothetically, let’s assume that we produce 200 keycaps. Packing/shipping/logistics is both costly and time-consuming. It makes much more sense for us to send 2 caps to 100 people rather than one keycap to 200 people. In order to fulfill orders in a timely manner, we feel that this method allows winners to manage their expectations realistically.

Whether you choose one cap or the maximum limit, the selection process is only limited to the number of spots we allocated.


Return Policy


What is KeyKollectiv’s return policy?  

All KeyKollectiv caps are sculpted, molded and casted by hand. As such, please expect that there will always be some degree of variation between caps. Because of the handmade nature of the process, KeyKollectiv will only honor returns/exchanges for caps with functional defects. This includes any fitment issues, cracks, warping, bubbles or uncured resin.

In the event that a return/exchange is initiated, we will offer the following options:

  • Buyer can send back keycap for repairs (if applicable).
  • Buyer can send back keycap for exchange of same cap (or cap of equal value).

  • Buyer can send back keycap for refund (via Paypal).

Due to the limited nature of our artisans, we will only be able to offer a return/exchange within 30 days of receiving your cap. Inquiries made after the 30 day period will be addressed on a case-by-case basis (depending on inventory/bandwidth). Also, please note, we can only provide support to the original purchaser of the artisan as there is no way for us to verify the condition of the cap when it was sold in the aftermarket.

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